Beating the Covid truth lag

The downside of being among a relatively rare breed of people who can fairly effectively connect dots and access, digest and synthesize quality information is that pretty much everyone you communicate with in the real world is 6 to 36 months behind you. In usual times this is frustrating, because the delay in people taking so long to get to a productive ‘truth’ causes society to lose out on so much potential. In Covidian times, however, this ‘truth lag’ has gone from being an irritation to an exasperating, horrifying nightmare.

The painful truth lag loop we’ve been stuck in with regards to Covid since January 2020 – intentionally exacerbated by the media, governments and corporations seeking increased profits and power – has caused massive, probably irreversible damage to society and many of the individuals within it.

By the time people realized that the early footage coming out of China was manufactured fear porn, it was too late. The hysteria had arrived on our shores and the media didn’t let up. By the time it had filtered through that the virus had a 99.97% survival rate, the phony death models had already scared people stiff and they had accepted the swift removal of their freedoms. By the time it had become clear that all lockdowns were good for was demoralizing people and destroying lives, the sanity of Sweden and Florida had already been demonized. By the time some of the fear fog had lifted and people realized that all Pfizer, Moderna, Gates and Pope Fauci wanted was lots of money, they had already been jabbed.

And of course now we have the un-debunking of the ‘lab leak theory’, not nearly as consequential in terms of its direct effects on our wellbeing, but a perfect example of the truth lag in action. What was once an idea that had you labelled as a crazy terrorist after the media’s inexplicable and evidence-free ‘debunking’ – despite the lab always being the most likely and obvious source to any thinking person – has now been made palatable by the likes of Jon Stewart doing a lame bit and the media stealth-editing of the year-old ‘debunk’ articles. Plenty long enough for anyone who would have otherwise been incriminated to cover their tracks.

No matter to what lengths we humans may go to obfuscate facts or delude our fellows, truth has a way of squeezing out through the cracks, eventually. But the danger is that at some point it may no longer matter. The danger is that damage is done before the truth is widely realized.

Senator Robert C. Byrd, 2003

The WhatsApp screengrab at the top of this post shows how far my dad has come from being someone who a year earlier had snapped at people not ‘social distancing’ in parks and getting himself regularly ‘tested’. His transformation from that to someone who now sees with almost perfect clarity what is going on has been slow and steady but fascinating. He has, in the case of Covid, shown it is possible to accelerate past the truth lag. He now sees with his own pair of They Live glasses all the braindead laggards around him who, as he says, go around like “programmed zombies”. I have numerous friends and siblings who have gone through the exact same truth lag catch-up. One friend has gone from declaring “if you get Covid, you’re dead!” to fiercely rejecting the jab and convincing at least one other to do the same.

This has been heartening to me, and while I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to take any credit, I would like to believe that my sharing of quality information over WhatsApp had at least some impact as a disinfectant against the corporate media fear mongering streaming into their brains unchallenged. In each case, there is a new sharpness to these people who have realized not only that they were being maliciously lied to, but equally as importantly, why they were being lied to. The patchwork of blogs, writers, real journalists, sites and accounts that have made this possible, despite the best efforts of big tech censors in cahoots with corrupt governments and NGOs, must continue to be celebrated and cherished.

It was a lonely feeling realizing what Covid really was back in April 2020, and today it is not nearly so lonely. Of course, there is still much work to be done. The majority of people are still and will continue to be hopelessly truth lagged, and it appears that this funny-if-it-weren’t-so-effective ‘Delta variant’ narrative is the one currently possessing them. What’s most vitally important going forward is that enough of us are wise to the media’s games before their spin and lies get them and their corporate-government masters what they want. The pessimistic side of me worries that even those who have woken up to the Covid game will just as easily fall for the next campaign – be it climate lockdowns or whatever they go with, and we’ll have to just keep going through this interminable cycle. But next time at least we’ll have a real chunk of “remember last time?” credibility up our sleeves when sounding the alarm to family and friends. Hopefully that will be enough to make them think twice and pay attention sooner, before the damage is already done.

Adapting to the zombie dystopia

My lad turned one today. Looking back on the first year of his life, I’m thankful that he’s too young to have been meaningfully mentally scarred by the insanity that took hold of the general population around the time of his birth and hasn’t let up to this day. I feel for those whose kids are old enough to have been affected, many of them probably permanently damaged by the childish, cowardly and hysterical behaviour of the supposed adults around them. I have to maintain hope that by the time my kid is old enough to understand, some semblance of sanity will have returned.

I have largely switched off from it all, adapted. What was once honest debate, is now mostly disengagement. There is no point getting your blood pressure up trying to reason with a zombie. I wear the holy rag around my chin in the grocery store to do just enough to not get noticed while not giving in to the dehumanization. My mouth and nose have never stayed covered for more than 10 seconds, just enough to get them to sell me the food. Just enough to get them to think I am a zombie too – infected by the mind virus like them. It’s surprisingly easy to get by unnoticed if you just pay attention to who is paying attention. Zombies are not very perceptive, on the whole.

Anger at the media and government’s brutal opportunism over the past year has long turned to acceptance. Nothing can surprise me, stir me to rage. Oh, they’re still locking down? Shutting down schools? They’re still reporting random, made up numbers with a straight face? That guy’s wearing a mask to go for a walk? He’s wearing a mask while he jogs on the treadmill? It’s no longer shocking, just sad. We plummeted into a zombie dystopia in a couple of months, and it took just six months to get used to it. Those of us not infected are left wondering if a zombie can come back to life, or if they are doomed to their fate. We stay hopeful, but we have a sinking feeling that this apocalypse is the real deal.

Currently we find ourselves waiting to see if the elites will allow the vaccine narrative to put the whole thing to bed, but it seems depressingly unlikely. There is just too little incentive for them to give it all up – it has surely surpassed their wildest dreams. All we can do is just keep waiting it out and hoping that the spell is somehow broken. We have to be at peace with what, for now, is lost, and who is lost. Totally cutting off the zombification devices, no matter how tempting it is to rubber neck the dystopia, is strongly advised. You’d be surprised how long you can go without even properly thinking about it, if you don’t let in any of the signals.

I’ve adapted. I’m ready to live in this dystopia for the rest of my life, if I have to, and they will never break me. I worry about the lad, though. He was conceived in far more optimistic times. Now we are just praying he doesn’t have to live in a world of religious face covering, home visits to check you’re not seeing family, forced annual experimental jabs, segregation from other children in daycare, and total closure of all social events, all in the name of this new holy god known as Science. We will see. For now, there is still reason to be hopeful. If we are in the same situation when he turns two, I’m not so sure.

Meme stock war can trigger renewed unity against corrupt elites

Like many shitlords, I’ve been absorbed by the meme stock war this week. I’m seeing it as something of a digital version of Occupy Wall Street – and a rare occasion where both sides of the populist political spectrum seem to be in agreement with each other against the elites. Unlike Occupy Wall Street, it has had a somewhat tangible impact by making a dent on the shorts in the system.

I’m also seeing this as a backlash for what’s been inflicted on people in the past year. They stole the freedom to do fair business across the world with the lockdowns, then they stole the right to a free election in the US. With the news this morning of banks and trading apps – most prominently Robinhood – blocking buys of the meme stocks for retail investors, it looks like they’re now also stealing the right to a free market. Well, perhaps that had always been the case, but with this latest move they’re showing yet again that they don’t care when we can see them blatantly cheating us.

I don’t think this story is over, and I can see the meme stocks roaring back strong. But with the precedent set, the banks and apps can now block buys in a meme stock whenever they see it rising. They will find their justifications, and easily get away with it. There’s a great movie to be made from this saga, but at this point I’m not sure if Hollywood will even make it, because it would surely have to go against the mainstream narrative to make any sense.

Having said that, it looks like AOC of all people is on our side right now. This makes me think that the left and right, who have been systematically divided and conquered by the elites ever since Occupy Wall Street, could once again be finding some kind of unity against the elites. Now that Orange Man is no longer around for them to fight over, and there’s nothing that can be done about an illegitimate president living in the White House, perhaps it really is time for us to come together and do everything we can to destroy the elites who are having so much fun playing their sick games with the little man.

Keep being civilly disobedient, think and do the exact opposite of what the mainstream press tells you, and for god sakes hold the line on those meme stocks!

Is it worth becoming red pilled?

A friend and I rib each other over WhatsApp about the latest events in clown world news. He’s a pretty smart guy – about at the Rogan level of intelligence – and like many at that borderline level of intellectualism still has faith in the corporate mainline media to inform and educate him. At one point we got onto the discussion of information sources, since the elephant in the room these days is: if our worldviews and interpretations of current events are so different, how exactly are they being shaped?

One key difference is that whereas I always have a cursory knowledge of what the mainstream media is saying and how they are spinning things (hell, most of the time I can predict how they are going to twist something), he has no or very little knowledge of the alternative media. In fact, he has something worse than no knowledge: he has a caricatured, demonized version of it given to him by a corporate media that will attack anything and everything that threatens its dominance of the masses.

This puts in us in a situation where it’s assumed I’m batshit crazy because I’m suggesting that things may be unfolding somewhat differently to how the unquestionable ‘experts’ in corporate media are presenting it. This is by design – when the media uses terms like ‘conspiracy theorist’ to demonize anyone who deviates even slightly from their opinions presented as facts, they know exactly what they’re doing. It’s a very smart way of promoting near-total intolerance of thought, ideas, and debate among the public – anyone who doesn’t believe this story is a wacked-out nutjob.

So, even though it can be fun debating with someone you like who happens to be thoroughly blue pilled, it’s a futile endeavor that can only end with them thinking you’ve been brainwashed by some cult, that you’re morally deranged, or that you’re incapable of synthesizing information and evidence. No matter how well you present yourself and try to show how you’ve arrived at your viewpoint through research and reflection, you are never really viewed as more than “is he losing it?” or is “he must be joking”. You’re not doing yourself any good on a social level getting into these debates.

It’s worth mentioning that it didn’t used to be this way. We used to have political debates where people with opposing viewpoints could duke it out, and while both parties might have considered each other stupid, we generally didn’t have a situation where one was just dismissed as insane for disagreeing with the official line. The corporate media has put an end to this with its crafty semantics that give anyone who falls for them a license to feel normal and logical.

So what you’re left with is a mixed feeling of exasperation, intellectual loneliness and a lingering doubt over whether you have in fact actually gone insane. Eventually you also realize that, contrary to what you had once hoped, these people will not eventually come around to your ideas, they won’t engage with any reading materials you gift them with, and they will forever go with the mainline story. Even if they do notice that the media lied to them about one story, this won’t for a second get them to question the veracity of the next story that gets put on their lap. It feels like being trapped in a circus of lies with an audience of idiots, and it’s tempting to think the only way out is to disengage entirely and roll over for corporate media to do its tricks.

The question, then, is it worth becoming red pilled in the first place? Well, what do we mean by that exactly? Let’s go with the broadest meaning of the term, taken from a r/slatestarcodex post: “I use the term red pill to refer to the general concept of finding out that a consensus position/conversation about an issue is substantively misguided“. You can be red pilled on any number of topics – I can’t imagine anyone who is red pilled on every topic, and I can’t imagine anyone is not at least slightly red pilled on a few topics. Some people are naturally red pilled on certain topics, others might even become red pilled on a topic and then choose to stick with the blue pilled line because it’s easier.

To be clear, I’m not using the slippery term red pill to mean that you are politically right-wing or that you are red pilled on women and related self-improvement (although the latter is one of the most valuable things you’ll ever do, if you need it). I’m using it here to mean that you are wise to the tricks of the corporate media in hypnotizing the populous, and you’ve informed and educated yourself so far beyond the average citizen that it’s become almost impossible to have a constructive conversation with them on debatable topics.

One important thing to bear in mind is that if you start on the path to becoming red pilled, you need to go all the way. You can’t get stuck at the stage of Stefan Molyneux or Tim Pool, you need to finish the job. You also need to read actual, quality books, hundreds of them. Getting red pilled off YouTube videos is a fast track to a hollow intellectualism and you really will be as dumb as the corporate media rube thinks you are.

Let’s say you have gone all the way – and you should know when you have (as a reference point, you won’t even really have any deeply held ‘opinions’ at that point). Then I would say getting red pilled is definitely worth it. You can easily shrug off being dismissed as crazy, and you’re armed with such a comprehensive, deep and effective worldview that you become virtually untouchable in all the areas of life that really matter. The only price you have to pay, in the end, is being thought of as ‘wacky’ by a few people who are stuck not knowing why the hell everything in the world makes no sense.

Fully red pilled, you should find yourself deliriously happy, of great humor, and meaningfully successful in life. Those people who make out they think you’re crazy, will probably secretly be looking at you with envy, and perhaps even some confusion over how exactly you got your shit so well together when you have all these country bumpkin views about current affairs. Yes, you’ll feel a little alienated mentally if you don’t have people in real life who are at your level (and the internet is somewhat of an antidote to that), but ultimately you’ll be satisfied that truth is your guiding light and you’ll also feel a little cool knowing that you’ve managed to figure so much out and learn so much just by reading books and alternative medias sites while they are still stuck reading The Atlantic.

You sometimes hear people say things like “ignorance is bliss”, “I’d be happier if I didn’t know what I know”, or “I’d rather be happy than right”, but I say those people just haven’t gone far enough to loop back around to bliss. After all, the point of educating yourself is to increase your life quality, isn’t it? Why would you allow knowledge to make your life or other people’s lives worse? You wouldn’t, and that’s why becoming red pilled is worth it.

History is no longer written by the winners

The reason our enemies are so scared of and intent on controlling speech on the internet is that they know how powerful the democratization of information and communication is in defeating them. Instead of being written by ruthless winners via the printing press and the television screen, history is now written by all the people, by anyone and everyone, on Twitter, on blogs.

Unlike ‘before’, when we had to wait for history to be compiled into a book and presented to us by a publisher with no incentive to be truthful, or packaged up and lectured to us by corporate propagandists wearing heavy makeup in brightly-lit TV studios, history is now written in real-time, organically, unabashedly and with no filters except those clumsily and haphazardly applied by Twitter and Facebook.

With the real-time exposing of the fraudulent US election, we are currently witnessing the most stark evidence of this in action. Before the internet, this fraud would have been carried out quietly, never exposed, or exposed long after it could make any difference. Now, with the people coordinating, sharing information, sharing evidence, fighting to make the truth shine through, the fraud is being written into the history books as it’s happening. It’s being documented so comprehensively, in fact, that the Democratic party itself is not even trying to hide it anymore. They are brazen, even, in their admission that they will go to any lengths to steal power from the rightful President.

Big tech is doing what it can to try and stop the onslaught of truth without making it too obvious (it can’t be emphasized enough that a small coalition of nerds is preventing the President of the United States from communicating evidence of a stolen election to his countrymen), but the torrent is just too strong. However angry we may be about any injustice that comes to pass, this flow of information is a beautiful thing to see. The truth, it is becoming increasingly obvious, shall set us free.

There is a problem, however: as long as big tech has the levers, there is nothing stopping them forensically scrubbing this people’s history (not the Howard Zinn type) after the fact. Whatever gets through the AI – and there will always be dissent getting through the AI – will at some point be found and deleted by big tech’s sweatshop censors. Of course, Alex Jones knows this – that’s why he built his own infrastructure. Andrew Torba knows this, and it’s easy to understand why he’s so exasperated over the fact that people won’t just migrate from Twitter to Gab.

But this can’t be won by retreating to Infowars and Gab. This information war needs to be fought on the battlefield, and for now that battlefield is Twitter. Leaving the battlefield is accepting defeat by allowing them to push their narrative unopposed to the unquestioning masses. Leaving the battlefield means Twitter, which for now is still packed to the rafters with wrongthinkers, becomes CNN. Why make it easy for them? Why make it easy for them to pull the wool back over the eyes of the Western public, when we have made so much progress in exposing the truth and the will of the people?

Depending on the IQ of someone allied with the enemy, they either believe they have ‘won’, and that the nation can now ‘heal’ (low IQ). Or – despite their biases – they cannot fail to notice that something seriously dodgy is going on, and that this is only just getting started, with the possible outcomes being victory or loss in the courtroom or on the battlefield with bloodshed (medium IQ).

It is sad that those people in the latter camp are so blinded by their hatred of Orange Man that they will stand by and allow a cabal of Chinese Communist agents to make a mockery of what is left of their democratic process. They might wake up one day and realize what they allowed to happen, just because they didn’t like one guy. They might not. All we can do is keep writing our history, and make sure that even if we lose against this force of great evil, our history is there for all good men to see.

Optimism and pessimism

I realize this blog probably makes me seem like a very pessimistic person. Those who write me off based on that assumption will perhaps be confused to learn that it couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve seen this episode of South Park, you’ll know what I mean:

This blog and my writing in general is merely an outlet, and thus represents only a slither of my personality. A place to get things off my chest, so that I can go about my daily life with a sense of upbeat joy and love for my fellow man. If you read my work and your worldview leads you to picture a fat, basement-dwelling incel behind the keyboard, you’ll be disappointed to read that I’m in fact a lean 6 ft 2 in, have a beautiful, feminine wife, a 6-month old son, my own house and a good-paying job. I also have a loving family, a great set of loyal friends, and healthy, rewarding hobbies.

Still, if you insist that I’m ‘mentally ill’ or ‘hate-filled’, I must admit that portraying myself in this way is somewhat my intention. Consider it a self-aware attempt at outsider art, perhaps. After all, who wants to read the blog of someone ‘fully-hinged’, someone with all their screws fully tightened? Boring. So know that my faux-insane style is largely for effect, and consider this post a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the blog.

Back to pessimism. I think most people misunderstand optimism and pessimism. It is not optimistic to ignore problems – either those in your own life or those in the world – merely in the hope that ignoring them will make them go away. And it is not pessimistic to talk frankly about problems and figure out how to address them. Quite the opposite in fact.

Someone who is heavily critical of an individual or society at large is not necessarily ‘negative’ and pessimistic, as long as that criticism is ultimately constructive. They’re actually optimistic because they believe that the problems at hand can be resolved or mitigated, and trust in humanity’s ability to do so. A pessimist, on the other hand, is someone who prefers to explain away, ignore or find anti-human (usually socialistic) solutions to problems because they have lost hope that healthy, sustainable alternatives exists. They might think they’re being a ‘positive person’ by ignoring or applying faux-compassionate band aids to difficult problems, but what they’re really doing is allowing negativity to fester and grow in the world.

I was speaking to an old friend recently, an academic institutional lefty who is aligned with the Cathedral narrative. I asked him if he was optimistic about the future, and he said no. I told him I am. I think that is because we think about the future in very different ways. He thinks about climate change, orange man, pandemics, population growth, resource depletion and the like, and views them as intractable problems that will surely be the end of us. I prefer to think of all the opportunities we have – opportunities presented by new technologies, better, decentralized political organization, the great awakening, liberation from wage-slavery and so on. I’m not naive enough to think we can get anywhere near making the most of these opportunities, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

So keep being optimistic and positive by being harshly critical and cynical. You’ll be a more powerful force for good in the world, and you’ll go about your daily life with a much happier disposition.

A low IQ breakdown of ANARCHOTYRANNY by Parallax Optics

First, watch the video, if you haven’t already.

What I like about Parallax’s video is that he perfectly distills our nightmare political reality into a 500 word, 4 minute video. That’s hard to do. This distillation comes at a cost, however, and that cost is the need to summarize fairly complex concepts into single words and make what remain to most very obscure references.

As Parallax said himself on Twitter, he has “developed an idiosyncratic vocabulary comprised of lots of higher order esoteric concepts, which enables [him] to write in hyper-concise shorthand.” He also said he “made an entry level edit but didn’t like it”, and I can understand why he’d feel that way. I think it’s a shame, however, as there are people in my own life I’d like to share it with, but I know they either wouldn’t get what the hell it is trying to say, or would tune out after 10 seconds.

So I’m going to attempt to give a low IQ breakdown for those who find themselves, for whatever reason, drawn to the content but not quite able to grasp the message. I’m not necessarily going to explain all the concepts (you can easily google Bioleninism), but rather sum up his overall point. Hopefully it’s something you can share with your purple pilled buddy if the video is too much.

He begins by telling us that every society is built on a formula by which the rulers rule the ruled. In our current society, the formula consists of a cabal of satanic globalists which controls, through media and institutional propaganda, its swelling mass of brain-dead followers. This powerful alliance of elites (the high) and bottom feeders (the low) is in direct conflict with the shrinking ‘middle class’.

What we are led to believe is ‘democracy’ – something to be cherished – is in fact a Machiavellian system that pitches us against each other. Divide and conquer. To make matters worse, the elites in our current society have done away with the rule of law on which democracy was built, in order to encourage and allow the bottom feeders to carry out anarchistic acts that intimidate and disempower the middle class and thus strengthen the elite’s control. This is A N A R C H O T Y R A N N Y. Tyranny through contained, orchestrated anarchism.

The rule of law, of course, can and will still be selectively applied, predominantly in instances where it serves the interests of the elite. It can and will be used most fervently against those who actively oppose the elite, and those who get in the way of its plans. Take the riots in the US: looters roam free, while those who dare to defend themselves against the looters are deemed criminals. BLM protests don’t spread the virus, but anti-lockdown protests do.

You exist within this structure, and you have no choice but to abide by its demonic rules. By existing in the middle of the structure, you are its enemy. The riots happened because the elites realized the middle was getting too brave – we were standing up to them. The elite sowing chaos and division puts us firmly back in our place. It reminds us of their power, and it reminds us we are powerless.

Why society is built on lies

A society at any kind of scale beyond Dunbar’s number is kept stable by lies. Lies that some of the people impotently expose and question, but that most uncritically accept as truths. The entire apparatus – government, media, NGOS, academia – seeking to maintain stability in a society at scale fabricates, disseminates and enforces these lies to such a relentless extent that, except to the most well-trained eye, these lies do in fact become a kind of reality.

A lie is an assertion that can be disproven, or – when asserted as if it’s fact or objective reality – be proven to not reflect objective reality. For the apparatus in power, lies are the most powerful non-violent tool to control the minds of the uncritical masses and convince them to remain loyal to their coerced dominance. Governments – which are really just mafias of varying degrees of benevolence – that tell the best lies and have setup the best infrastructure to disseminate these lies, maintain the strongest grip on power and the minds of their subjects.

The reason governments must tell lies to keep a society at scale stable is that their subjects would not otherwise submit to their rule and accept their structure as valid. The lies must be so convincing and so entrenched that to physically live in that society means living and acting by these lies, even if you as an individual question or even reject them. School teachers must tell curious young children these lies, and set them straight if they’re questioned. Employers must banish employees who dispute these lies, and the mob must make sure they don’t work again.

The larger a society becomes, the more well-enforced the lies must be to maintain stability. A global society must be built on global-sized lies. A small, local society 1000 years ago was built on the lie of a vengeful, all-seeing god. The global society of today is built on the lie that there are scientific and political truths only a whacked-out conspiracy theorist would dispute. Their lie is that there are verified ‘experts’ – gods in a way – we should all trust to deliver us with reliable scientific information and the correct political and philosophical views. The World Health Organization, for example, is currently disseminating the same lies to the entire world. Silicon Valley is supporting the World Health Organization in reinforcing these lies by promoting them while censoring and suppressing, let’s not say ‘truths’, but information and opinion that goes against the lies.

What happens, though, when a majority of people in a society realize they have been told a particular lie? In the case of ongoing lies about the virus, not much. The reason for this is that once a lie is exposed, the government apparatus – our mafia – will quickly maneuver to instead reinforce the lie through coercion and the threat of violence. Wear a mask, or you will be forcibly removed from this establishment. It will continue to push out the lie through its propaganda platforms, but has responded to the mass exposing of the lie by threatening those who dare to go against it.

It is well established by now why we are being told these lies about the virus. Like everything, it can all be traced to power and money, money and power. Opportunism. When the opportunity presents itself, you can’t blame a company for using the virus as an excuse to cut services and save money. You can’t blame the heads of school boards for using the virus to snatch funding and enrich themselves. And you can’t blame politicians for using it as an opportunity to wield newfound powers by locking everyone at home so they can sit back as the usual complex demands of dealing with crime and running a city are met with a single flick of a pen and the threat of martial law.

The power apparatus – of course – would rather you just believed their lies and didn’t make it so they need to flex their muscle. The lies are a first line of defense, and – besides the odd over-zealous cop – they’d rather not have to deal with you exposing and rebelling against them. In fact, the government wants the society to function as smoothly as possible, and for people to be as comfortable and safe as possible, because that is the easiest way for them to hold onto power. Just because governments today can be thought of as ‘mafias’ in their approach, we shouldn’t be confused into picturing a Scorsese movie. The ‘good guys’ – Obama, Trudeau, etc. – are just playing the best power game.

I’m running out of steam here, so I suppose I should address, as I usually do, what you should do if the information I am providing is somehow new to you or getting you thinking in a different way. Well, as I alluded to in the first paragraph, you really are impotent. All you can do is extract yourself physically from where the lies generate power – an unrealistic proposition for most – or you can move to a place that tells different lies which you like better – another unlikely solution for most. Failing either of those, you must figure out how to live within the frame of the lies in a way that is most tolerable to you. Read old books, understand history, see the big picture, always be thinking about how you can actively work against and reject the lies without getting yourself in too much trouble with the power apparatus. Align yourself more closely with objective reality, and help those you care about to do the same.

Blackpilled but happy

I haven’t been writing. I wonder if anyone noticed. I got a new job where I actually have to do stuff, and a baby, so I haven’t had time. Not just time, but I haven’t been in the right mindset. Compared to 6 months ago, the intellectual part of my brain is mush – totally atrophied. I am not getting ideas, I don’t even know if I can form pretty sentences anymore. I don’t feel the urge to spill out prose. I feel venom, or awe, but it does not inspire me to write. I’m sure it will come back eventually.

When I get the chance, I am observing, reading, listening. Clown world was kinda funny for a couple of years. Now it’s getting a little worrying. No one is questioning the masks, they won’t question the face shields or goggles, and then they won’t question the full HAZMAT suit. No one is concerned about the deranged commies. No one knows enough to care about what the elites are perpetrating – no matter how well you explain your point of view, no matter what contrary information you provide, they stick to their shallow mainstream parroting. The worst part, they do so as if they’re educating you out of your obviously backwards thinking. The only reason to engage at this point is to quietly amuse yourself with their indoctrinated bluster.

The most depressing aspect of all this is the dwindling prospect of us having our moment. It’s fun being in a tiny community of autists getting fired up by BAP, Moldbug et al, but it’s only a distraction from our realization that the noose is tightening faster than ever. The bureaucracy is swelling, the techno-surveillance is creeping, the propaganda is brazen, and we’ll do nothing. We can do nothing. There’s no great awakening – it’s all a LARP. Governments are printing trillions, millions are getting paid to skip work by pretending to be scared of the flu, and we’ll have to pick up the pieces. The bar is getting lower and lower. The general populous has pathetic expectations. Western governments have become full-blown mafias, “but at least I can sit at home, drink my beer and watch Netflix”.

I am just venting. I am more blackpilled than ever, but I don’t live as though I am blackpilled. I am enjoying my new home outside the big city. The people are much friendlier. I have a vegetable garden in the backyard and am enjoying seeing it grow. I am enjoying watching my son grow too. He is 4 months today, and is becoming more aware and active by the day. I’m enjoying learning how to do odd jobs around the house, and having a plot of land and a building to care for. I am happy, and my wife is happy. It is possible to be blackpilled but happy. Just focus on your family and yourself.

The New Rules

The new rules had been announced the previous evening. Marie, in her lawyerly way, had pored over the details posted on with great care and attention. Louise had heard them summarized and simplified in bullet point form on the ten o’clock news.

“See the new rules?” Marie messaged Louise as she sat at the dining room table and placed down her morning brew.

“Yeah. So we’re allowed to go for walks with family members again?”

“Family members you live with, yeah.”

“I thought they meant anyone who is considered family.”

“No. If you were allowed to meet family members for walks, then you’d be allowed to visit them at home. And you can’t do that.”

“What if I bump into a family member I don’t live with while on a walk? Am I allowed to walk alongside them?”

“The rules don’t cover that, actually. I suppose you could walk with them if you stay 2 metres apart.”

“But you’d still kind of be on a walk with them, wouldn’t you? So it’s breaking the rules.”

“I guess. Maybe if you walked in front or behind them, instead of side by side, it would be like you weren’t on a walk together. I don’t know. Maybe if you don’t talk to each other, you’re technically not walking together. Probably would be best to remove the element of doubt in that case – just go your separate ways.”

“True. They said something about picnics, didn’t they? Are we allowed to have picnics now?”

“You’re allowed to have a picnic with family members you live with as long as you spray a white circle around your blanket with at least a 2 metre radius.”

“How do you spray the circle?”

“You have to order a can of government-certified white spray paint off Amazon.”

“Didn’t they say something about the food you can take as well?”

“You can only take foods that have been prepackaged in the supermarket. Nothing you have prepared yourself at home, and any plates and cutlery you use must be freshly unwrapped.”

“Makes sense. Hey there’s something I’ve been wondering. You know how some people live with people who aren’t family members, like in house shares and stuff. Are they allowed to go on walks together?”

“No, because they’re not family members.”

“I see. What about exercise? Have they changed anything?”

“They have made it more clear what you can do. You have one exercise ‘token’. If you go for a run, you can’t go for a walk later. So if you need to walk the dog you can’t go for a run that day. Your phone GPS auto-deducts your token.”

“Cool. They updated on the NHS clapping as well, didn’t they?”

“Yeah they created an official schedule for the claps. Every Thursday at 8pm. They have released an app for reporting people who don’t come out for the clap. They’re going to send alerts to our phones at 7:55pm so we can get ready.”

“What was that other thing about the clapping rules?”

“Oh yeah, you have to clap quietly because they said if the virus is on your hands, clapping too hard could make it travel further through the air. They’re encouraging people to set up speakers outside and play clapping and cheering sounds instead, but the speakers must be disinfected.”

“That’s nice. How do I know how loud I can clap though?”

“There’s an app that measures the decibel level of your clap. You have to stay under 60 decibels.”

“What happens if I go over by accident?”

“You’ll get an alert to your phone. Self-isolation. 14 days.”

“Right. There was some new stuff about work too.”

“Yeah. Business as usual for essential workers. Non-essential workers are allowed to go back to work now if they want, provided their businesses are allowed to operate. Mostly applies to office workers because they can do social distancing and all the non-essential shops are still shut. But if you go within 2 metres of a colleague you get punished by being sent home for 14-day self-isolation with full pay.”

“It takes two people to break the two metre rule, so which one gets punished?”

“The one who entered the other person’s 2 metre radius. They check on the cameras.”

“Doesn’t the other worker have to self-isolate as well though, since they came in close contact with another person?”

“Erm, oh yeah, they do. Self-isolation. 14 days. Full pay plus damages. This only applies to non-essential workers, as I said. Essential workers can go within a 2 metre radius of each other, but if they do they have to self-isolate from non-essential workers at all times, including family members in the home.”

“OK. What if an essential worker goes within 2 metres of a non-essential person as part of their job?”

“They’re not allowed anymore.”

“Like, even in care homes and stuff?”

“No. They released guidelines about this. Saying essential care home workers can throw or roll things to their patients from outside the 2-metre radius, clean them by putting wet cloths on the end of sticks, feed them by attaching a spoon to a 2-metre pole, things like that. There are still ways for non-essential workers to do everything while following the new rules. No biggie. Better safe than sorry, right? It’s not like they can complain – the government knows what it’s doing and is just looking out for us at the end of the day!”

“Yeah, of course. OK thanks sis, all makes sense now. Have a nice day!”


Marie put down her phone and opened up her laptop. She opened Chrome and went to her bookmarks. flashed up on the screen and her eyes were drawn to the announcement at the top of the page in bold type: 9:53am: Social distancing rules have been updated. Read below to stay in compliance. She flicked on the kettle and started reading.